Wife says to keep getting rid of "Stuff".  This is a continuing downsizing project from more than 25 years of collecting and hoarding and most items can't or won't be replaced.  Prices in most cases are lower than most vendor sites or are not available anywhere else.





68-70 Genuine Nissan OIL PRESSURE GAUGE HOSE.  Price is $175.00. 





STAINLESS STEEL FRONT FENDER SCREWS.  Correct head and thread.  Set of 24 screws to install both front fenders and top vent window screw.  Price is $28.00.


68-70 NOS ORIGINAL NISSAN BLACK DOOR PANELS.  "RARE"  still in factory wrappers with clips.  Price is $380.00 per pair.


63-70 FOG LAMP HOLE PLUGS.  New Nissan.  Price is $54.00 per pair.




67.5 – 70 CONVEX 6 PIECE SIDE MOLDING SET.  Straightened and polished to new or better condition.  Price is $895.00  With exchange.  Core charge will be applied if no exchange is available Out of stock.. 


1963-1965 1500 RIGHT REAR SIDE MOLDING.  New never installed.  $145.00


65-67.5 REPLACEMENT DASH PAD.  I have made these vinyl and foam covered dash pads for 20 years.  They have been on many show wining cars at numerous west coast roadster meets.  The grain on the vinyl covering is similar to the original grain.  Some have been sold through regular roadster parts vendors.  These again are the original ones before the me-too ones arrived.  They are individually fit to a dash face and cowl before covering.  All necessary mounting holes and twisty holes are drilled.  Twistie holes are not visible but easily accessed by piercing the vinyl and foam.  Mirror mounting hole locations for the 65-67 and the 67.5 mirrors are marked on the inside of the dash.   This pad was made in California, USA.  Price is OUT OF STOCK


67.5-70    DOOR PILLAR CAPS.  These are genuine Nissan.  Price is $62 per pair.


NEW 65-67.5 SOFT TOP LATCH.  This is a 67.5 latch including matching receiver that works on 65-67.5 cars.  Price is $345.00 each.  Not reproduction.


NEW 68-70 CENTER SOFT TOP LATCH.  Still in the box.  Price is $195.00  Easy to modify to use as side latch.


67.5 – 70 NEW TRUNK LOCK WITH KEY.  Price is $277.00.  Used trunk lock with key for 67.5 – 70   $149.00


65-70 TRUNK HANDLE - brand new trunk handle in the original box. No extra screws are included since Nissan sold screws separately. This is a genuine Nissan part and not an embellished reproduction where the original screws may not fit. The price is $205.00


SCRIPT Fairlady EMBLEM FOR REAR PANEL – This is a genuine Nissan part and not a crummy potmetal knockoff with rough edges.  Price is $205.00.



63-70 CHROME INSIDE DOOR PULL HANDLE.  These are 63-67 type but they also fit 67.5-70.  Price is $155.00 per pair.  Please note that these are genuine Nissan parts.  There are some bogus fony parts that have been advertised for less than $100.00/pair.  Ask for part number and bar code.


63-70   DOOR WEATHERSTRIP - Aftermarket type with round seal.  Better than original.  Price is OUT OF STOCK.





U-20 REBUILT COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY – Ready to bolt on - includes valves, springs, cam and rocker arms.  Price is $1065.00


U-20 HIGH PERFORMANCE CAM – This is a reground Nissan cam that has the exact profile of what has been called the “C” cam.  The “C” cam (13001-25510) was sold in small quantities by Nissan for increased performance over the “B” Solex cam.  The “C” cam has more lift and duration than the “B” cam but is not so radical that it isn’t practical to run in a street engine.  A new “C” cam was profiled by a renowned cam grinder so that this cam could be ground to the “C” profile for higher performance.    It is likely that thicker lash pads will be needed with this cam.  Price for this cam is $335.00 with serviceable exchange.  A core deposit will be required unless the core is sent with payment. 


U-20 NEW Nissan “B” genuine cam.  Comes in factory box.  Price is $525.00.  Exchange core required.


U-20 Reground 1-piece rocker arms.  Beautiful finish.  Price is $110.00 per set of 8 with core exchange.


U-20 MODIFIED SPRING RETAINERS TO USE WITH “L” SERIES LASH PADS.   These are stock U-20 spring retainers that have been modified by adding a Chrome-moly sleeve to accept “L” series lash pads that are 1mm smaller in diameter than U-20 pads.  The sleeves are taller than the stock retainer height to be used with thicker lash pads.  The stock U-20 lash pad is about 0.080” thick and has about 0.040” side support from the retainer when installed with stock keepers and a new Nissan valve.  Since these retainers have the stock configuration, all spring forces and heights are the same. There is a possible downside if the stock retainer is used with very thick lash pads made for Mercedes engines because most of them have a chamfer that further reduces the side support from stock retainers.  Price for the modified U-20 spring retainers is OUT OF STOCK.

NOTE: There is a site that recently advertised new spring retainers that would accept “L” series lash pads.  The site extolled the virtues of the material that the new retainers are made from.  These may or may not retain the original force/height relationship of the stock parts.  If this operation has expertise in material selection for valve spring retainers, WHY did they sell U-20 spring retainers for “L” series lash pads that were made from aluminum?  The aluminum retainers caused excessive seat forces and wear was high in a short time.  Someone that used the aluminum retainers thought that they caused damage to rocker arms when the lash pad hole got too big from wear.


U-20 FULL TIMING SET.  Includes: Nissan upper chain tensioner,  lower chain tensioner, Nissan upper chain guide, US or Japanese made upper and lower timing chains and 4 new alloy steel timing gear sprockets. The alloy steel timing gear sprockets were made in USA and heat treated for wear where necessary.  Also included are 2 timing chain cover gaskets and upper tensioner gasket. Price for the complete set is $1495.00


U-20 TIMING SET. Includes: 4 NEW alloy steel timing gear sprockets as above, Nissan upper chain tensioner, Nissan upper chain guide, Japanese or US or Japanese made upper and lower timing chains,. replacement lower tensioner foot with oil hole as original.  Also included is upper tensioner gasket. Price for the set is $1295.


U-20 UPPER CHAIN AND GEAR KIT.  Includes: Cam gear, small (Rear) jackshaft gear, US or Japanese made upper chain and upper chain tensioner. Price is $685.00.


U-20 UPPER CHAIN AND GEAR KIT.   Includes cam gear, small jackshaft gear and upper chain.   Price is $385.00.


U-20 UPPER CHAIN TENSIONER NISSAN BRAND.  Price is $340.  There was an aftermarket part advertised on ebay at the same price.


U-20 UPPER CHAIN GUIDE – Price is $385.00.


U-20 LOWER TENSIONER replacement plunger foot. Has chain oiler hole passage like original.  Price is $47.00.


U-20 REAR (SMALL) JACKSHAFT GEAR – Price is $110.00.


U-20 Valve spring set.  Includes 8 inner and 8 outer springs.  These are aftermarket REPCO brand listed for U-20.  Price is $118.00/set.


67.5 to 1970 VALVE STEM SEALS – Fit 1600 or 2000.  Price is $55.00 per set of 8.


U-20 NISSAN FACTORY FLAT TOP PISTONS IN SETS OF 4.  Each set includes piston pins.

 .040 oversize - $741.00.  0.060 oversize $810.00 – Sets do not include piston rings.


U-20 NISSAN FACTORY OIL PUMP – This is Nissan part number 15010-25501 which is the standard U-20 oil pump.  Price is $900.00. 

Please note that there were some new reproduction pumps that showed up on ebay and then miraculously appeared on a website.  The replacement pump origin and quality is unknown at this time except that the advertising excluded one country.  The oil pump is a critical component of any engine and requires good design in addition to proper manufacturing processes and proper materials.  Nissan did the design so the question is what materials and processes were used. What good is a part that shows good  test performance but wears out in short order and causes other expensive parts to destruct?  The aftermarket pump manufacturer has touted that they used CMM technology - WOW.  CMM technology is a method to measure parts and stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine and can be used to get dimensions to copy other parts, generally for first part or tooling inspection.  People without technical expertise can use technical sounding terms to impress others.  CMM technology is not used to measure parts in volume production. 


VINTAGE NOS GENUINE DATSUN-NISSAN SPIN-ON OIL FILTER IN ORIGINAL BOX.  This filter is painted the original blue and has DATSUN printed on it.  The part number is 15208-13213.  This is just the thing to use for a judged car show.  Price is $19.00.   Filter is in original box in new condition.  They don’t make these any more.


AC DELCO filters made in USA. The filter is the same length as the DATSUN. Price is $4.90 (Low).
Manufacturer description:
98 percent single-pass filtering efficiency at 25-30 microns for excellent filtering capabilities
Patented cellulose media traps particles 1/3 the width of a human hair to help provide a clean supply of oil to engine components


U-20 2000 WATER PUMP 67-70 - Genuine Nissan New in box.  Price is $395.00.


U-20 2000 NISSAN FACTORY HEAD GASKET – Price is $89.75.


U-20 Valve cover gasket     Price is $39.00


MAIN BEARINGS FOR U-20 and 5-MAIN R-16 METRIC ENGINES.  Standard to .030 sizes Prices $70.00 to $130.00 ask.


ROD BEARINGS 1500/1600/2000 – Standard to .030 sizes.  Prices $60.00 to $120.00 ask.


CAMSHAFT or JACKSHAFT BEARINGS for 1500, 1600 or 2000.  Price is $49.00 per set.


MAIN BEARINGS FOR 3-MAIN SAE ENGINES.  Price is $150.00 per set up - several sizes available  No standard size– ask.


R-16 CERAMIC COATED EXHAUST HEADER.  HAS ½” THICK FLANGE.  Price is $335.00  See elsewhere for remanufactured short starter.


BRAND NEW 1600 3-MAIN CYLINDER BLOCK  Never used empty block with cosmoline in bores.  Price is $465.00.


R-16/G-15 REMANUFACTURED ROCKER SHAFT ASSEMBLY. Assemblies are available for Metric and SAE cylinder heads. The shaft has been hard chromed and ground back to the original diameter. The rocker arms have bronze bushings installed and the tips have been resurfaced. New hardware including springs, washers, plugs and pins have been used. There is a core charge that will be refunded when a rebuildable core has been received.  Price is $217.00.


1600 NEW FACTORY EXHAUST MANIFOLD – Fits 68-70 models with 3 hole exhaust collector flange can be used on 65-67 cars.  Price is $630.00..


R-16 1600 oil pump.  This is a new genuine Nissan pump.    Identical functional parts as original Nissan roadster pump.  This pump can be used by replacing the bottom cover/pickup with a good used roadster bottom plate that will operate as new.  Price is $190.00. 


R-16 Front crankshaft timing cover seal.  Price is $18.00


R-16 1600 WATER PUMP – For 65 - 67.5 engines but can be used on early 1600 and 1500.  Cast iron impeller.   It may be necessary to drill a hole in the original fan blades to clear the extended shaft.  Price is $108.00.  This is not a NPW pump.


R-16 1600 WATER PUMP 68-70  This is an aftermarket pump with a CAST IRON IMPELLER that fits correctly.   Price ($187.00).  Exchange required.

This is not a NPW pump.  This pump will not accept the original fan clutch but most have failed.


1600 65 – 70 UPPER RADIATOR HOSE – Molded type.  Price is $27.00.


1600 ENGINE GASKET OVERHAUL KIT – Includes valve seals for 5-main engines.  Price is $197.00.


1600 HEAD GASKET – Price is $59.00


1600 VALVE COVER GASKET – Price is $28.00.  This gasket has locator tabs included that are easily removed with a razor blade.


1500/1600 VALVE COVER SEAL GROMMET – Price is $9.99 each.





40mm   MIKUNI SOLEX CARBS - Pair of new NOS in Nissan factory box.  Can be used  for U-20 or stroked pushrod engine OR?.  NLA at Nissan.  Price is $2205.00    Intake manifolds for G-15,R16,H20 and U20 engines are available on other sites.


1500, 1600 and some 2000 CARBURETOR FLOAT VALVE Needle and seat.  Genuine NISSAN not aftermarket.  Price is $59.00 each. 

Nissan part number 16101-10400 with bar code on factory wrapper.  Beware there are some aftermarket parts that are the wrong length and the advertisement implies that you must make adjustments to use them.  Ask to verify authentic Nissan parts. 


2000 SU CARBURETOR CONNECTING ROD LINK – New genuine Nissan part.  New $95.00, Used $45.00.


EARLY MIKUNI-SOLEX TYPE 2 & 3 NEEDLE AND SEAT VALVE.  Includes adjustment washers.  Price is $79.00/Pair.


63-64 1500 NOS REAR CARB.  Includes the monkey motion linkages.  Has green Hitachi label.  Price is $225.00.


WEBER 45 DCOE CARB.  NEW - MADE IN ITALY - TYPE 152.  One only.  Price is $345.00.  Current production is in Spain.


68-70 U-20 NOS FACTORY REPLACEMENT F/R CARB BODY ASSEMBLIES.  These came with shaft bushings from the factory. Price is $420.00/pr.


MIKUNI CARB KITS FOR 40 AND 44 PHH CARBS - These are genuine kits and sold in pairs.  Price is $65 per pair.


U-20 SOLEX AIR FILTER ELEMENT.  Aftermarket made in Japan.  Price is $95.00.


U-20 SOLEX heat shield.  Genunie Nissan part new never used.  Will fit Nissan factory 1600 Solex setup.  Price is $245.00.


1965 – 1967  FUEL TANK SENDER UNIT.  Price is $225.00.


1967.5 – 1970  FUEL TANK SENDER UNIT.  Price is $235.00.


65-70 FUEL PUMP DIAPHRAGM.  New Nissan part fits Kyosan Denki pumps.  Diaphragm change is difficult on some pumps.  Price is $28.00.


2000 CRANKCASE VENT HOSE – Genuine original Nissan - Suitable for SOLEX or SU carbs with braided cover and includes new style fitting.  Goes from valve cover to air cleaner.  Price is $161.00  Beware of the one advertised on a site that is smooth on the outside and cloth on the inside and does not include the fitting that mounts to valve cover,  There is a site that has pictures of what appears to be Nissan hoses but doesn’t sell them according to the words.  Cloth on the inside could soak up oil and come loose.  It could be a phonee repro that may not last because none came from Nissan this way before they were discontinued by the dealers.


CHOKE CABLE FOR S-U CARBS TO FIT 67-70 2000.  With new style knob.  Genuine NISSAN.   Price is $161.00.


CHOKE CABLE FOR S-U CARBS TO FIT 65-70 1600.  With new style knob.  Genuine NISSAN.  Price is $169.00.


1600/2000 ACCELERATOR CABLE.  Price is $155.00.


1967.5 HAND THROTTLE KNOB – This is a genuine Nissan part.  Price is $28.00.    Beware of fony copies.


63-69 FACTORY LOCKING GAS CAP – Price is $379.00.


1964 – 1967.5 FUEL FILTER WITH REPLACEABLE ELEMENT.  Metal bowl.  Price is $161.00.


63-68 EARLY FILTER BOWL.  Metal replacement for glass.  Price is $19.00.


63-69 FUEL FILLER NECK VENT TUBE.  Original Nissan clear tube with spring.  For vented systems.  Price is $33.15.


1600 S-U Factory air filter – Price is $28.00.







1965-1967 NOS FUEL GAUGE.  Price is $245.00.


1965-1967.5 GAUGE VOLTAGE REGULATOR – Price is $195.00. Can be used for 68-70 only mounting is different.


1967.5-1970 BATTERY TRAY WITH DRAIN HOSE.  Price is $24.50


NON-SMOG DISTRIBUTOR SPRINGS  - These are new reproduction 22110-14600 springs made by a spring manufacturer in the US.  Price is $28.00 per pair.


EI STEALTH - DISTRIBUTOR.  This item looks just like the stock distributor when installed but is fully electronic with all Hitachi components.  All of the electronic components are inside the distributor.  It uses the same distributor cap and rotor as the stock roadster distributor.  It is necessary to use a 12 volt coil made for electronic distributors.  This is not the EI distributor that Gary Boone made or that I made previously or that East Coast Roadster made.  It is available with vacuum advance for SU carbureted engines or with fixed advance plate for Solex applications without ported vacuum carburetor.  Price is $315.00 with original distributor exchange.  A core charge will be made and refunded when core is received. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE


EI DISTRIBUTOR WITH VACUUM ADVANCE FOR SU carburetor roadsters - All electronic with vacuum advance - fits 1600 or 2000 with SU carburetors . Far superior to points or points replacement distributors. Non-smog advance curve with 15 degree maximum mechanical advance at crankshaft as in original factory setup. This distributor has been  built using an original Nissan electronic distributor and converted to suit roadsters by using parts from an original roadster distributor and some newly manufactured components.  Has original roadster non-smog advance weights, springs and cam plate to provide exact roadster timing curve.  Includes new cap and rotor.  The original vacuum advance plate has been upgraded with a newly fabricated bearing carrier with bearings that is superior to and more durable than the original Nissan part that was prone to fail.  Gary Boone in Wyoming started making similar distributors in quantity (mass marketing) provided a sample part several years back.   Price is $305.00.  A model for Solex equipped engines without vacuum advance is available.  Exchange core is required. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE


1600-2000 IGNITION CABLES MADE IN USA.  Custom fit silicone per manufacturer.  Price is $32.00 per set.


NEW VACUUM ADVANCE unit for Gary Boone style distributors that he made and the ones that I and E.C.R. made.  Price is $24.50.


1600 DISTRIBUTOR WITH NON-SMOG ADVANCE – Every part is NEW.  NLA at Nissan.  Genuine NISSAN.  Price is $365.00.  With exchange.  Can be used on 2000.


1600/2000  POINTS ADVANCE PLATE.  Fits all 1600 and 2000 distributors. Price is $71.00.


REMANUFACTURED STARTER  Fits both 1600 and 2000 engines with or without header.  Price is $129.00 no core required.


ALTERNATOR WITH SINGLE MOUNTING FOOT  Fits 67.5 – 70 2000 and 68-70 1600.  Remanufactured original Mitsubishi with new connector harness.  Price is $275.00 with exchange.


TEMPERATURE SENDER 1600/2000.   Price is $25.00.


1965-1967.5 OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT.  Price is $109.00.


TEMPERATURE SENDER RETAINER NUT -  Specify early (SAE) or late (Metric)  Price is $7.80


65-68 HEADLIGHT RELAY – New Nissan superseded replacement with leadwires.  Price is $165.00


69-70 HEADLIGHT RELAY – New original correct Nissan relay. Price is $235.00.  Avoid mismatched or adapted relays.


DISTRIBUTOR CAP AND ROTOR – Fits EI Distributors from Gary Boone, East Coast and me.  Price is $19.50.





FIREWALL BRAKE BRACE - For all LHD roadsters with dual reservoir master cylinders.  I am the original supplier and this is much better than the copies with smashed threads.  Knurling is NOT required to keep bolt from turning.  The me-too copier first smashed the threads in an inept attempt to keep the bolt from rotating and then knurled the bolt because they couldn't figure out how to keep them tight and then makes it sound as if Nissan knew what it was doing when they designed the assembly. If Nissan had designed it right in the first place then the brace would not be necessary. The knurled bolt was used by Nissan to aid car assembly.  TV actor reverse engineered design?  Price is $39.


65-70 1600/2000 REAR AXLE BEARING KIT.  The kit consists of 1 new quality Japanese bearing, one new axle bearing retainer and one new out bearing grease catcher.  Price is $128.00 for one kit or $249.00 for two kits.


65-70 REAR BRAKE SHOES – Relined.  Price is $47.00 per set.


65-70 REAR BRAKE SHOES – New aftermarket shoes with bonded linings.  Price is $48.00 per set.





2000/1600 CLUTCH KIT - Includes: genuine Nissan 650KG pressure plate as sold by Datsun Comp, Japanese OEM clutch disc, throwout bearing made in Japan, pilot bushing and 3 clutch cover dowel pins.  Also fits early 510 and is used as high performance.   Price is $475.00.


1600/2000 CLUTCH DISC.  Made in Japan by major OEM supplier.  Price is $78.00.


65-70 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER.  Aftermarket type with reservoir in correct location and adjustable pushrod.  Price is $64.00.


65-70 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER.  OEM Nabco brand with adjustable pushrod.  Price is $139.00.  .


65-70 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER.  Aftermarket type with reservoir in the correct location.  This is a brand new cylinder that does not include the pushrod assembly.  Use your old pushrod assembly.  Price is $17.00.


CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER.  Fits 66 – 70 cars with 2 inch spacing between mounting holes.  Price is $41.00.


CLUTCH THROWOUT BEARING.  Made in Japan by quality manufacturer.  Price is $59.00


1600/2000 PRESSURE PLATE DOWEL PINS. Set of 3 is $7.00.






4 SPEED or 5 SPEED WARNER TYPE SYNCHRO RINGS.  These are the brass ring for 1st through 4th gears.  Price is $37.00 each.


NEEDLE POCKET BEARING FOR 5 SPEED.  This is the bearing that goes in the input shaft that the mainshaft rides in.  This is also the bearing for the reverse idler gear.  Price is $41.00 each.


5 SPEED BEARING SET.   Full set of 7 high quality Japanese ball bearings and mainshaft pocket bearing.  Price is $227.00


5 SPEED BEARING AND GASKET SET.   Includes 7 high quality Japanese ball bearings and mainshaft pocket bearing and gaskets and seals.  Price is $298.00


65-67 SHIFT BOOT – This is the accordion type made by Nissan.  Can be used for 67.5.  Price is $49.89.





NISSAN CENTER STEERING LINK WITH ENDS.  New in original packaging.   Price is $360.00


NISSAN LEFT STEERING TIE ROD.  New in original packaging.  Price is $325.00


NISSAN RIGHT STEERING TIE ROD.  New in original packaging.  Price is $325.00


LEFT STEERING TIE ROD.  Aftermarket made in Japan in original packaging.  Price is $250.00


QUASI - COMP FRONT STABILIZER SWAY BAR.  Bars of this type were blatantly misrepresented from at least 2006 until recently on a site as a 23mm diameter bar with cad plating even though it was only 22.2mm in diameter and probably had zinc plating with a yellow chromate dip.  Since the site finally said that there was a 14% difference between the 23mm Nissan comp bar and their QUASI-COMP one based on their supplier information, what can you expect after not divulging this for years?  Is the stated 14% an accurate number based on the difference of moments of inertia?  The recent listing (1-19-2011) shows it as 22.2mm with Gold zinc plating.  At the price of gold today that is also unlikely.  Whatever it is, the price is $174.99 and is sold as-is.


1500 HUB GREASE CAP – Price is $19.50 per pair.  This is the one sometimes listed on ebay and listing doesn’t say for 1500 only.








63-69e  IDLER BOX CAP - NOS NISSAN.  Price is $35.75.





65-70 BLACK VINYL TOP BOOT – This is a pinpoint vinyl part made from Genuine Haartz material made in the USA.  Fasteners are included but must be installed.  Original boots on 68-70 roadsters were pinpoint vinyl.  Price is $189.00.  Be cautious about some vinyl boots on the market that are made in California of material from the peoples republic.  ASK.


65-67.5 USED CONVERTIBLE TOP FRAME WITH LATCHES LOW WINDSHIELD.  Frame is in very good condition.  Price is $545.00.


68-70 USED CONVERTIBLE TOP FRAME WITH REAR BAR.  Very good condition with straight front bow.  Price is $500.00 SOLD


65-70 USED CONVERTIBLE TOP REAR BAR.  Used for tops, tonneau covers or top boots.  Price is $105.00.




1600 FACTORY EXHAUST MANIFOLD – Fits 1965 to 1967 can be used on 1500.  Slightly used no cracks, welds or damage.  Price is $295.00.


1600 FACTORY EXHAUST MANIFOLD – Fits 68-70 can be used on 65-67.  New never used.  Price is $675.00


67.5 HAND THROTTLE KNOB – Genuine new Nissan.  Price is $28.00.


65-67.5 HEATER DEFROSTER HOSE –Genuine Nissan with rubber connector – Price is $19.00 each. 


65-67.5 DEFROSTER DUCT – Small bull horn.  This is a genuine Nissan part – beware of poor foreign copies.  Price is $54.00.


68-70 HEATER VALVE  Price is $195.00


65-67.5 HEATER VALVE.  Price is $195.00


FAIRLADY BOOK by Phill Brook.  Autographed by author.  Price is $75.00 


REPRINT OWNERS MANUALS.  65-67 or 68.  Printed in black on buff paper stock in original size/format.  Price is $5.00 each.


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